Umanshi Marketing wins PR and marketing mandates of 5 new businesses.

Continues to reinforce its stronghold in the start-up and SME category.

Mumbai: 5th December 2023 – Mumbai-based full-stack agency, Umanshi Marketing and Branding, proudly announces the onboarding of 5 clients solidifying its sectoral position within the startups and SME space. Its appointment as their strategic partner responsible for spearheading the comprehensive PR and/or marketing initiatives underscores Umanshi’s growing influence and expertise within the startup and SME category. These newly onboarded clients include:

  1.  Ionage Technologies, a Bengaluru-based India’s unified EV charging platform,
  2. School of Ultimate Leadership, an Ahmedabad-based educational startup focussing on global ethical leadership,
  3. FarmDidi, a Pune-based food tech startup empowering a million rural women,
  4. AviruPro Educational Consultants, one of the fastest-growing ed-tech and coaching startups,
  5. Lingaro India, the recently launched Indian arm of a Poland-based IT giant

Umanshi Marketing is entrusted with the mandates to steer these entities towards their distinct business goals ranging from category building to new market entries, crafting brand positioning, enhancing employer branding, orchestrating successful product launches, fostering revenue growth and/or championing investor advocacy. Umanshi’s multi-faceted approach underscores its prowess in delivering innovative PR and marketing solutions geared to yield impactful results for brands.

Varun Chandran, Co-Founder of Ionage, lauded Umanshi’s approach, stating, “We firmly believe that to achieve widespread acceptance and create awareness about EV charging, a strong brand positioning is crucial. Team Umanshi’s strategic approach is helping us build trust and establish ourselves as a reliable provider. We look forward to this collaboration.”

Arjun Varadraj, Co-Founder, AviruPro added, “ArivuPro has chosen to partner with Umanshi Marketing in our strategic growth initiatives because their expertise resonates with our ambition to scale and establish a significant market presence. Umanshi’s data-centric approach aligns with our vision to make informed decisions, tailoring our marketing efforts to the nuanced behaviour and patterns of our target customers. Their comprehensive suite of marketing strategies is exactly what we need to elevate our brand and ensure that we not only gain visibility but also achieve sustainable success and recognition in a competitive landscape. We believe this partnership will be a cornerstone in our journey towards reaching new heights.”

The expansion of the client base is a notable achievement for Umanshi as it inches towards its ambitious goal of 300% revenue growth by the end of the fiscal year 2023-24. Speaking about the spate of wins, Tamanna Gupta, Founder, Umanshi Marketing said, “Catering to different brands from identifying their needs to crafting unique strategies juxtaposing with their distinct life stages, has been an exhilarating as well as humbling experience. We are excited about the prospect of co-achieving the growth ambition of these remarkable businesses. We won’t stop at accomplishing the committed outputs but work relentlessly towards fuelling their success stories.”

Clearly, this thought reflects in the enthusiastic support that Umanshi is receiving from Manjari Sharma, Founder, FarmDidi, “Most of the third-party PR and marketing agencies are typically very transactional in how they operate. It is always about the scope of work with limited accountability. Being a startup I was looking for someone who can hustle along with us, who is very close to the team and looking for wins like us. With Umanshi, it never felt that there was a different company in another universe! It always felt that there is my team who is working toward our goals!” 

In just under 5 years, Umanshi has been instrumental in nurturing growth and enhancing visibility for clients spanning across 40+ industries. The collective efforts of Umanshi’s PR arm, complemented by its digital and branding divisions, have played a pivotal role in not only co-achieving client growth ambitions but also in significantly broadening Umanshi’s customer base, particularly within the startup and SME landscape.

About Umanshi Marketing & Branding:
Umanshi Marketing & Branding is a full-stack agency specialising in startups and SMEs with a network across 22 cities nationally. Its comprehensive range of services includes brand positioning, brand identity design, PR, fractional CMO, digital marketing, marketing strategy and more. Its mission is to empower startups, SMEs and social enterprises with insightful marketing tools to help them make the exponential leap from the local to the global stage. Umanshi Marketing is a winner of the International Brand Equity Bharat Startup Awards in partnership with the MSME Promotion Council in the categories of Startup Marketing Agency of the Year 2022-23, Innovative Service for the Year 2022-23, the Fractional CMO & Mentor of the Year (West India) 2022-23.

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