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At Umanshi, we’re dedicated to propelling startups to new heights of success through strategic Public Relations. Our mission is simple: to empower emerging ventures with the visibility they deserve. With a profound understanding of the unique challenges faced by startups, we craft tailored PR solutions designed to amplify your brand’s presence and solidify your position in the market.

With a team of seasoned PR professionals and a track record of delivering results, we’re not just a PR agency — we’re your dedicated partner in the journey towards startup success. Our expertise lies in navigating the dynamic startup landscape, ensuring that your story resonates with the right audience, at the right time.

Discover how our strategic PR approach can be the catalyst for your startup’s growth. Let’s embark on this journey together.

Why PR Matters for Startups:

In the fast-paced world of startups, establishing a robust public relations strategy is not just beneficial — it’s essential. Here’s why:

  • Building a Strong Brand Foundation:

Effective PR lays the cornerstone for a compelling brand identity. It’s the art of crafting and communicating your startup’s unique story, values, and vision. Through strategic messaging, we ensure that your brand resonates with your target audience, setting the stage for long-lasting recognition and loyalty.

  • Fostering Credibility in a Competitive Landscape:

In a landscape teeming with innovation, credibility is your currency. PR empowers startups to showcase their expertise, achievements, and thought leadership. Through media coverage, industry accolades, and expert positioning, we bolster your credibility, instilling trust in potential investors, partners, and customers.

  • Cultivating Trust with Your Audience:

Trust is the bedrock of any successful venture. PR enables startups to establish and nurture genuine connections with their audience. By transparently communicating your goals, values, and accomplishments, we forge authentic relationships that form the foundation of sustained success.



  1. Original Content
  2. Media Relations
  3. Digital Interface
  4. Influencer Engagement

PR Services for Startups:

  1. Brand Building
  2. Fund Raising
  3. Product Launch
  4. Thought Leadership
  5. Reputation Management
  6. Crisis Management
  7. Go-to-market
  8. Media advocacy

Case Studies:

Strategic visibility for investor advocacy and  building Thought Leadership

Series A funded Celcius Logistics is a Saas-based tech platform that is  redefining the cold supply chain market place. Umanshi was brought  in to keep the brand visible in front of the investor eyes, so that they  keep on feeling confident about the various endeavours that the  brand is taking from revenue building to bringing in innovations to  creating social impact. Another mandate is to position the brand as a  Thought Leader. Umanshi went about structuring a strong  positioning platform that could well shape-up to be an IP for them –  The Unbroken Cold Chain (UBCC); which gives a high-point to the  brand. Not just conceptually but Umanshi is responsible for making  the brand participate in myriad speaker conclaves, summits and  awards & recognitions functions.

Capturing investor attention through strategic communications

82 Volt, a burgeoning startup in the electric vehicle charger sector, faced the pivotal challenge of carving a  distinct niche within the discerning investor community. To navigate this terrain successfully, the brand  engaged the services of Umanshi Marketing, known for its prowess in crafting strategic communication  strategies.

We devised a comprehensive and succinct plan, meticulously tailored to ensure maximum visibility among

the investor community. This plan entailed targeting influential media outlets with a substantial investor

viewership, thereby capitalizing on their reach and influence. One distinctive aspect of Umanshi’s  approach was the consistent generation and dissemination of proactive product/category centric content,  even during periods devoid of major announcements. This proactive strategy served to position 82 Volt as  a ‘go-to’ brand within media circles, fostering a robust reputation and brand recall.

As a testament to the effectiveness of these initiatives, 82 Volt now finds itself in the esteemed position of  being invited to participate in thought leadership panels. This multifaceted approach has not only  enhanced the brand’s visibility but has also firmly established its presence within the relevant target  audience, facilitating its ongoing growth and success.

Building mainstream visibility &  Thought Leadership

Legacy brand Jeena & Co.having had positioned itself as a forerunner  in major sectors with a loyal clientele and domestic & international  partners, has embarked itself on the next level of its group ambitions.  Our role is to strategise its key communication cohorts so as to  engage with its user & stakeholder groups across all levels. Criticare,  3PL, freight forwarding, air cargo, supply chain…. – Jeena has been  giving transformative logistics solutions, and is prominent in our brand  building efforts. Thought leadership speak, brand dominance in  sector stories, category building content across sectors and major  domestic and international announcements are all a part of our high  decibel visibility and engagement campaigns for Jeena & Co.

Launch of a range of AI enabled Smart  Bathroom solutions at Acetech 2021

The impact of powerful narratives was more than evident when we  positioned Watertec (India’s leading name in polymer-based bathroom  fittings)’s new AI based product range at Acetech 2021, as the answer to  how bathroom solutions would be in the new World Order. With COVID19  still dangerously present, our living spaces, especially our bathrooms are  most vulnerable to attacks of bacterial & viral infections. In a new world  order where personal hygiene, social distancing, sanitised environment and  water conservation would become all the more important – health, hygiene,  sustainability, technology & luxury designs would become key to bathroom  innovations of the future. By using the power of story-telling and strategic  media initiatives, Umanshi went on to create an impactful repertoire of  national coverage that positioned the brand and its spokesperson as  potential leaders in the category.

Why Choose Umanshi Marketing:

When it comes to PR for startups, not all agencies are created equal. Here’s what sets Umanshi Marketing apart:

  • Expertise in the Startup Ecosystem:

Navigating the dynamic world of startups requires a specialized understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that arise. With a team deeply immersed in the startup ecosystem, we bring a wealth of knowledge and insights that are tailored to the specific needs of emerging ventures. Our expertise positions us as more than just PR experts; we’re trusted advisors in your entrepreneurial journey.

  • Track Record of Success Stories:

Results speak louder than words. We take pride in our proven track record of driving tangible outcomes for startups across industries. From successful product launches to securing high-profile media coverage, our portfolio of success stories is a testament to our ability to deliver on our promises. With [PR Agency Name], you’re not just a client; you’re a success story in the making.

  • Personalized Approach:

One size fits none in the world of PR. We recognize that every startup is as unique as its founders, with its own vision, challenges, and goals. That’s why we approach each client with a personalized strategy crafted to align seamlessly with your aspirations. Our collaborative process ensures that your voice and vision are at the forefront of every PR initiative, creating a bespoke experience that sets you up for success.

By choosing [PR Agency Name], you’re not just choosing a PR partner. You’re selecting a team of dedicated professionals who are as invested in your success as you are. Together, we’ll elevate your startup’s visibility, credibility, and impact in the market.



PR Strategies for Startups: Building a Strong Foundation