Umanshi Marketing & Branding, a full-stack agency focused on Startups and SME segments, proudly announces its ambitious goal of revenue growth of 300% by the end of the fiscal year 2023-2024. Building on its success of serving over 40 industries in just 4 years since its inception, Umanshi aims to further expand its offerings of the ‘Outsourced Marketeam’ to cater to the distinct needs of the SME & Startup segments.

In its ambitious quest to drive revenue growth, Umanshi has outlined a strategic vision to leverage its profound understanding of SME and Startup segments. Recognising the crucial role of effective communication and brand promotion, in today’s hyper commoditised, attention-deficit world, where small businesses are struggling to grow & engage with internal/external stakeholders, Umanshi aims to invest significant resources into augmenting its PR and Marketing verticals. It plans to target key sectors that are experiencing significant growth and disruption. These sectors include Education & Edutech, Healthcare & Healthtech, Travel & Tourism, Real Estate, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, and the Green sector. By focusing on these industries, Umanshi intends to leverage its expertise and offer tailored marketing & PR strategies that address the unique challenges and opportunities within each sector

“We are thrilled to announce our goal for a 300% revenue growth by the end of the fiscal year,” said Tamanna Gupta, Founder and CEO of Umanshi Marketing & Branding. “We have witnessed tremendous success in empowering startups and SMEs across diverse industries; from devising segmentation of an insurtech firm to grow its revenue by 125% leading to acquisition to being an outsourced marketing team to a QSR startup announcing its 7 franchises in less than a year. In this world of AI, the world of homegrown brands coming up one after the after, and the world of expensive agencies & consultants, what Umanshi has to offer is something that’s not just accessible but also relevant to their unique needs. They need someone to identify the needs and then design solutions all this while creating an ecosystem to deliver these solutions to show results!” Tamanna also works to foster the startup ecosystem, through incubators & accelerators such as Social Alpha, AIC RMP, IIMB NSRCEL, etc.

Umanshi’s spectrum of marketing activities includes conventional ones such as PR for greater visibility/ thought leadership to new age ones such as full-funnel marketing for driving revenue growth, etc. While catering to startups and SMEs, their innovative approaches have caught the attention of sure-footed brands as well. Umanshi’s core competency lies in understanding its clients’ business ambitions/ challenges and designing marketing branding solutions to deliver/ overcome the same. This has made them a catalyst for businesses looking to grow inevitably: grow brand, grow consumer wallet share, grow markets, and grow employer branding to grow revenues.

About Umanshi Marketing & Branding:

Umanshi Marketing & Branding is a full-stack agency specializing in startups and SMEs. With a team and a proven track record from organisations such as Percept Sports & Entertainment, Percept Profile, AllCargo Logistics etc, their comprehensive range of services includes marketing strategy, brand positioning, brand identity design, fractional CMO, PR, digital marketing, and more.